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Huelva Computer Support

Comprehensive computer support for your business in Huelva

Huelva Computer Support, onsite / remote support, business computer maintenance service
Computer Support Huelva, onsite / remote support, business computer maintenance service

Impulso Tecnológico computer services and its Huelva computer support services ensure the continued operation of your systems. We are professionals in the IT support in Huelva and help you keep your systems available and reliable through a proactive computer maintenance service. Impulso Tecnológico provides a tailored computer support package to suit the needs of your business. Specialized computer technicians will provide maintenance to your computers, servers and systems to keep them running, to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. We tackle the computer problems quickly, with remote or onsite tech support. Your systems will remain safe, secure and available when you need them most, so your employees stay productive.

We commit to the results you can demmand for a good computer support service in Huelva, for which we provide various Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Impulso Tecnológico wants to become your external IT department or supplement your existing IT services whenever needed. We tailor our Huelva computer support service to meet your business objectives in the short and long term, whether you need occasional remote support or you need a full-time onsite computer engineer.

Different types of Huelva computer support packages for different businesses

Q: I don’t know what computer support package I need for my business.
A: Depending on the number of computers you have in your company and the complexity of the computing environment, the computer support package that is needed will depend largely on the technical level of the users, the response time required, the budget available and the current computer problems that your systems may present. Impulso Tecnológico will advise you to see what computer support package will be the most interesting in your case.

Huelva Computer Support Packages for service:

  • Fixed Price All Inclusive:
    • Flat rate proactive computer support
    • Unlimited remote or onsite hours
    • Free computer and systems audit
    • Audit Report
    • Under 8 hour SLA for most requests
    • Under 4 hour SLA servers and urgent issues affecting the whole business
    • Price will depend on number of devices (computers, servers, NAS, printers to maintain)
  • Hourly Packages
    • Minimum purchase 10-hour-packages
    • Purchased hours don’t expire
    • Reactive computer support package
    • Minimum consumption per call: 1/2 hour for remote service, 1 hour per onsite visit, accounted in 1/2 hour slots
  • Computer Support Outsourcing:
    • Systems kept running allowing focus on core business functions
    • Increased business efficiency by aligning IT to business requirements
    • Reduced business risk by investing in service not technologies
    • Access to expertise and the advantage of the latest technologies
    • Resolvement of recruitment and retention problems
    • Reduced operating costs – typically up to 30%
    • Fixed service level agreements to core services, ensuring system – and business uptime for business financial certainty with predictable and fixed monthly costs removing the traditional spiked IT capital expenditure
    • The flexibility and scalability needed to survive in the challenging market conditions today and those of the future

Business types that use our Huelva computer support

Our computer support services is used by many different companies in Huelva, aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from 3 to 150 computers or users, with or without their own IT staff. We can supplement your IT team or be a fully outsourced computer support provider.

How is the flat rate computer service performed?

General conditions of the Huelva computer support all inclusive service

  • Initial audit, complete and current status of all relevant systems: including antivirus, backup, desktops, servers and communications
  • Computer inventory of systems to be maintained
  • Unlimited remote tech support
  • 4 hours SLA for onsite support whenever a general fault is found or problems with the server, 8 working hours for the rest of tech support requests
  • Unlimited number of support tech calls for included systems
  • With every tech request, proactive review of the system to prevent further damage or unnecessary costs
  • Detailed reports of resolution of each service or repair
  • Ongoing advice, to solve any technical questions or issues you may need
  • Adaptation of security environment according to Impulso Tecnológico IT criteria, industry standards and customer computer support requirements

What’s included in the Huelva Computer Support?

  • The user’s computer together with any peripheral or components within it or attached to it, or those that the client determines upon the support contract signature
  • Operating System Security Configuration
  • Installing and configuring security software, backup systems, network management, Internet and email access permissions
  • Unlimited computer support hours

Request a quote for the Huelva computer support for your business

Free estimates for your computer maintenance

The IT maintenance quote you have requested is non-binding. When we visit your company we can offer an IT audit to determine the optimal status of your IT systems. Depending on your needs, we can create a personalized plan and also give you some recommendations.

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