Computer network auditing in Madrid

Guarantee the correct functioning of your company’s network

Computer network auditing in Madrid
Computer network auditing in Madrid. A service to guarantee that your company’s IT services are professional, trustworthy, scalable and, most importantly, secure.

Impulso Tecnológico offers an exhaustive and professional service with Computer Network Auditing. We offer this service free of charge for our Computer Maintenance clients. The computer network auditing service for companies in Madrid basically consists of guaranteeing a professional, stable, scalable and, most importantly, secure professional environment. We focus on security: with antivirus and other network security aspects as well as back-up copies for company data.

Impulso Tecnológico can assess your company’s computer maintenance with computer network auditing to check the current state of your IT systems. Contact us, we look forward to attending you.

What does computer network auditing cover?

Impulso Tecnológico’s network auditing for Madrid companies covers the following aspects:

  • Inspection of the corporate network design, at physical and functional level.
  • Inspection of structured network cabling
  • We have the material to certify cabling, if necessary
  • Inspection of electricity installation
  • Inspection of server room: Air conditioning (AC), work space, entrance security.
  • Detailed server inspection: back-up copies, data structure, security in user’s profiles, antivirus, system updates.
  • Detailed inspection of work equipment: security, user privilege, antivirus, etc.
  • Inventory ofcomputers to supports

Can a more comprehensive network audit be conducted?

There are other aspects to be considered when auditing networks, depending on the case or type of company.

  • Internal security audit
  • Perimeter security audit
  • Intrusion test
  • Forensic analysis
  • Web page audit
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